This is

A crossover with creatives and writers, worthy of Allen Iverson !

The Playground ? Huh ?

The Playground is a project i started one year ago. The mission was pretty simple, creating something able to mix creativity and information around basketball. More precisely, the goal was to create a webzine that can make a difference in the way information is treated and exposed in France, around the basketball.

A webzine that can be a source of information and at the same time an Art Exhibition ! Fortunately, at the start, i found a lot of people interested by this project, a lot of talented people who wanted to express their love of this sport, through their skills and creativity. This how the adventure « The Playground » started with the help of 14 dedicated persons, half of them being writers, the others being creatives.

The keyword to this project is « Eclecticism », nothing is static. The beauty of this project has his roots on the very first goal attempted when i created The Playground :

The variety of talented creatives and writers participating, who can shine with their own way, their own style !

Ok Dunkakis, if you say so... but what's your job there ?

I’m the Playmaker, the Point-Guard ! My role is to do the artistic direction, i’m planning all the key dates, and of course, illustrating some articles. I’m also in charge of the DTP.

Some of my work on issue #1 and #2

A little bird told me that...

…Issue #3 is coming soon.


Interested by the project ? Let's get in touch !